September 2019


1. ADOLFO BUESO, fourth grade, Alpha Charter of Excellence:

Adolfo has overcome much in his young life including his parents’ health issues as well as difficult financial circumstances. At one point they were homeless and had to stay at the hospital with their mom. Currently he and his siblings are staying with their grandmother but the circumstances remain difficult. However, Adolfo’s personality and ability to focus at school this year are commendable. He does a great job and puts in much effort during class completing all the work, doing his homework, and even moving ahead in the lessons. He shows a cheerful personality and gets along well with his classmate helping and supporting them. Adolfo will certainly continue to amaze those around him and is truly an ideal candidate for the Do The Right Thing award.

2.SARAH DERAY, Kindergarten, George Washington Carver Elementary:

Sarah is just five years old when she did a truly heroic act. During lunch, Matteo, a fellow classmate started choking on a chicken wing/bone. Sarah immediately started patting him on the back and he successfully spit out the bone. Her quick action avoided a situation that could have easily ended tragically. Matteo was very grateful for Sarah potentially saving his life.

3. ISAAC DURAN, twelfth grade, South Dade Senior High, Washington, D.C. Trip Winner:

The weekend before school, Isaac was out on a boat with friends in the Keys when they noticed a boat moving, but nobody on board. They followed loud screams for help which led them to three men in the water holding onto a marker. Two of the men were injured, one with a severely injured leg from the boat’s propeller. Isaac assisted in pulling the men aboard the boat and applied a tourniquet to the injured leg. They communicated with the coast guard who advised them of a location where they would assist them. Luckily, the Coast Guard informed them that the injured men would be okay and that Isaac and his friends had saved their lives. When Isaac was overheard telling his story to a classmate, it turned out that one of the victims he helped save is the father-in- law of a teacher at his school. For Isaac’s bravery and heroic actions that day, he exhibited several of MDCPS’s core values including responsibility, citizenship, and kindness.

4. ENRIQUE ESPINOZA, third grade, Avocado Elementary:

Enrique has always been an exceptional student. This year, Enrique was chosen to be on his school’s Safety Patrol. Recently his Safety Patrol sponsor informed school staff member that Enrique came to her about a student in the cafeteria during breakfast who was making threatening remarks to others and had even stated that he had a knife and gun in his backpack. The troubling student went back to his classroom but Enrique assisted in finding the student by remembering key details such as the jacket the student was wearing. He exhibited a calm demeanor as he took a leadership role in locating the student. Thankfully, the student’s threats turned out to be false. Had this incident been true, Enrique’s actions would have saved lives. Like police officers who serve in our communities, Enrique’s brave actions ensured that the students were safe because of him. For his strong moral character and courageous actions, Enrique truly did the right thing.

5. ARMANDO ESTEVEZ, twelfth grade, Westland Hialeah Senior High:

While Armando was boating he came upon an emergency situation and is luckily a certified Healthcare Provider. He was involved in the treatment and stabilization of a former U.S. Marine who was diving, hit his head, and was severely injured. Armando was the only one on board with any medical training and he initiated care, checked a pulse, stabilized the c-spine, and opened the Marines airway while protecting his c-spine. After his initial care, two nurses who were on another charter boat responded and took over until the Coast Guard arrived and the patient was transported. Armando was questioned by the Coast Guard and his certification was verified. He got involved, and saved a life. His efforts are truly commendable and he did the right thing.

6. ANGELINA LEON, eighth grade and 7. ESTHER TUCKLER, eighth grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle:

Since last school year, one of the special need’s students with autism has been receiving support and help from Angelina and Esther. These girls were never asked by their teachers to assist the student but took it upon themselves to help. Angelina and Esther have made a profound impact on this young man’s life. Angelina came up with a plan on a way to help him. She knew that he loved sweets and brought Jellybeans and Airheads to class. Every day she sat with him and practiced the letters and words being taught in class. He focuses, participates and is now in Sign Language 2 where she continues to help him. Esther met this young man last school year in Language Arts. She also took it upon herself to sit by him and help him in class. While others shied away from him, Esther embraced him and became his ally. Both girls academically have surpassed all levels of expectations and are on the Honor Roll. Angelina is active in extracurricular activities at school where she is a Peer Counselor, a member of our schools’ Dance team and a member of Future Farmers of America). Esther is also active in extracurricular activities at school where she is in the Drumline, Jazz and Symphonic band, Softball team, Tennis team, Castaway Club, and Journey Club. There are many similarities in these young ladies but the one that shines through is their kindness and willingness to make a difference in their classmate’s life. The young man now makes a point of walking up to them, waving and saying hello to his new found friends. These girls have done the right thing in helping another in need.

8. CLYTERIA MANN, fifth grade, Dr. William Chapman Elementary :

Clyteria has changed her behavior for the better. In one week alone, she stopped two fights. Clyteria demonstrated leadership and quick-thinking during this situation was quick to stop the confrontation from escalating by separating the two students. She exhibited keen awareness in the midst of a tricky situation and helped a student who was hurt but luckily not seriously. She went back to eating her lunch, but stayed alert and aware of the well-being of those around her. Clyteria has shown growth and maturity and is a great role model and leader in her school and most importantly, does the right thing.

9. RANDY RODRIGUEZ, twelfth grade, Mater Middle High:

Recently, Randy sprang into action and thanks to the CPR training he had received, knew exactly what to do saving a man’s life. Randy was certified two years ago by his school and after school while walking to the mall, noticed a woman frantic and a man inside a car unconscious. Randy proceeded to remove the man from the car, placed him on a flat surface and began CPR. He explained to a school staff member exactly what he did and he did it perfectly. He was a true hero and helped save this man’s life. The man he saved happens to be the father of another student in the elementary school. Randy truly did the right thing.

10. JESSICA ROJAS, fourth grade, Brucie Ball Educational Center, Rapids Water Park Trip Winner:

Jessica is nine years old and an AMAZING student! She is self-motivated, responsible, and respectful showing a positive example of resilience. Jessica is enrolled in the Hospital Homebound Instructional Program because she has been diagnosed with cancer. This condition has caused her visual impairment, but Jessica doesn’t give up! She enjoys reading and she uses her computer and iPad to complete her weekly assessments. Jessica takes a lot of pride in her school work and enjoys art and taking piano lessons. While in hospital, even under the effects of chemotherapy, Jessica spends her time drawing. She cares so much for the kids that are also hospitalized that she hands out most of her drawings to the children to cheer them up. For all that Jessica has overcome while remaining a positive and cheerful girl, as well as putting others before herself, she is more than deserving of being honored.