October 2018


1. VITOR ALVES, fourth grade, Southside Elementary:
During the celebration of “Start With Hello Week,” a national campaign created by Sandy Hook Promise to reach out to students who might feel lonely or isolated, one of the activities was to sit at lunch time with a classmate you didn’t know well and get to know each other. During this activity, Vitor was sitting next to a student trying to get to know him better when the student told him he had a knife in his book bag. When lunch was over, Vitor immediately told his teacher what the other student told him. The teacher checked the student’s book bag and didn’t find any knife or weapon. Even though the student confessed that he was just joking, thanks to Vitor’s intervention, an opportunity was provided to the school counselor to explain to the whole group that any threat to the students’ safety will be taken seriously. It was emphasized how important it is to follow Vitor’s example and tell an adult when there is a potential dangerous situation. Because he set a positive example informing the teacher of a possible threat to the students’ safety, Vitor deserves to be recognized by the Do The Right Program.

2. RAVEN CARTER, first grade, Frederick Douglass Elementary:
Raven is a student who never gets in trouble and is always helpful to her teachers and fellow students. She is on the Honor Roll and has perfect attendance. Raven is very vocal, articulates well, and is polite. Recently, Raven bravely told her teacher when a fellow student acted inappropriately towards her. Her teacher contacted the counselor immediately and the counselor intervened. Even at such a young age, Raven knew what she had to do when faced with a difficult situation. Raven is being nominated for being courageous and vocal and knowing right from wrong.

3. RYAN CIMINO, eighth grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle:
Ryan was born with a birth defect which affects his esophagus and trachea. Just hours after he was born, he underwent laparoscopic surgery to repair the defect, which affects one in every 6,000 babies. The surgery was a success but Ryan did spend his first weeks of life at Baptist Children’s Hospital. A few weeks ago, Ryan took it upon himself to go back to Baptist Children’s Hospital to thank the staff who cared for him. His visit was more than just a thank you visit. He and his family donated special breast milk bags for babies that are in the neonatal intensive care unit. At school, Ryan is a quiet, hardworking, and completely dedicated student. As part of the Agriscience program, Ryan shows up an hour and a half before school each to open the farm, check on the animals, clean water containers and filling them with fresh water, and clean the cow pens. Ryan also plays on the soccer and volleyball teams, and he is the President of Future Farmers of America. He is also a member of our National Junior Honor Society, where all members have a 3.5 GPA or higher taking high school courses. Ryan leads a busy life out of school as well. He is a member of a travel soccer team and baseball team. To say that he is active and busy does no justice to describing him. However, to say that he is kind, humble, gentle, loyal, moral, funny, respectful, hard-working justifies that he is deserving of recognition. He makes our community and world a better place for being here.

4. ROBERT CLARKE, eleventh grade; 5. LEAHCIM ORELUS, eleventh grade; 6. ISAIAH REVERE, twelfth grade, South Dade Senior, Washington, D.C. Trip Winners:
These three young men took it upon themselves and approached one of the Special Education teachers to arrange for permission from the parents of three special needs girls for the girls to attend the Homecoming Dance. Once permission was granted, all three asked these girls to homecoming during lunch time, bought their tickets, danced and took pictures with them. These young men all expressed their desire to include these special needs young ladies, one who needs a walker to move around, and make them feel like regular high school students. They said that they would want their own children to feel included if they had special needs. Robert and Leahcim are currently making plans for how to include the young boys in the Special Needs Program in something similar sometime in the near future. It is rare these days for young people to take the time to think of others before themselves. These young men made happy memories for these young ladies and did the right thing.

7. VICTOR CURBELO, second grade, Kinloch Park Elementary:
Victor is a true inspiration to his teachers, peers, and all who have the pleasure of knowing him. Victor has Cystic Fibrosis and in his short life has gone through more than most of the adults. Victor does not let his illness define him. He is an enthusiastic young man who is capable and eager to accomplish anything and everything and has shown much growth in school. Victor’s excitement about learning is contagious and he even though he must miss a lot of school, his homework and school work are always done and his attitude is an example to all. Victor is friendly, educated, polite, and giving. Simply put, he is an exemplary student and human being. Victor is teaching all those around him who are willing to learn the value of life. There are no limitations as to what Victor can be in life. With his outlook in spite of his circumstances, he can change the world. Victor does the right thing every day and is a true role model.

8. JA’VARES MADISON, Kindergarten, Lenora B. Smith Elementary, Rapids Water Park Trip Winner:
Ja’vares reported an incident where a student brought in a weapon to school. Superintendent Carvalho has encouraged the students if they see something to say something. Ja’vares did exactly that and the situation was handled very discreetly. Due to Ja’vares’s actions, no one was threatened or harmed.

9. ZOEY PAVON, fifth grade, Brucie Ball Educational Center:
Zoey is an amazing young lady who is always thinking of others. She is currently receiving hospital/homebound education through a specialized Miami-Dade County Public School program for children with medical conditions which challenge their abilities to participate in a traditional school setting. For several years, Zoey has been struggling with neuroblastoma, a serious type of cancer. In spite of her health-related challenges, Zoey is an extremely enthusiastic student who is always willing to learn and strive for excellence in all her endeavors. Moreover, she is always thinking of other children battling illnesses and ways to help them. Zoey has taken several other cancer patients under her wing. When she was diagnosed, a doll representing Jesus was given to her as a gift of faith. When she was being released from the hospital, she gave the doll to another patient who was struggling. Today he is cancer free. This is just one example of Zoey’s faith and passion to help others. Zoey is the ambassador for Totes of Hope, an organization that gives totes filled with goodies to children who are in the oncology unit. For her birthday, all the gifts that were given to her she donated back to various charities. Zoey is involved in many fundraisers to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and was a spokesperson on the radio to raise money for Joe DiMaggio Hospital. She wants to be a Child Life Specialist in an Oncology Unit of a hospital so she can help others by sharing her story. Zoey also wants to start the Zoey Strong Foundation so that she can grant wishes to children who are critically ill.

10. ALONZE SUMPTER, third grade, Pine Lake Elementary:
A student was in distress and told several students that he was going to kill himself and how. Of all the students who heard this, Alonze was the only one who told security about what the student had said. Security then alerted the school counselor and an intervention took place, which gave the student the help he needed. Because Alonze did the right thing, the student is doing just fine and a tragedy was averted.