November 2019


1. COOPER AMBROSIO, 2. ADAM MISSA, & 3. NOA GOLLER, sixth grade, Miami Beach Nautilus Middle:
Cooper, Adam, and Noa all overheard something that was being said outside that was of concern. Some students that were not registered at their school at the time were making threats that they were going to bring knives into the school. All three young men reported this to the police and the school administration. They made the brave choice to come forward to ensure everyone’s safety.

4. GABRIELA BRIBIESCA, eighth grade, Brucie Ball Educational Center:
Gabriela is a straight A student who has overcome many obstacles in her life. She suffers from a vascular malformation and undergoes sclerotherapy which is a very painful treatment that she receives at the hospital. Despite these hardships, Gabriela has remained positive about life. She is extremely conscientious about her community and the world in general. In classroom discussions, Gabriela exhibits a tremendous concern for others. She is also very insightful and knowledgeable on contemporary issues. Before getting sick, Gabriela spent a lot of her time volunteering with the Cat Network, helping cats receive foster homes or forever homes. Gabriela is a special young lady and deserves to be honored for her achievements.

5. KENDRY CABRERA, sixth grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle:
Last month, while Kendry was at the school bus stop, a younger student from a local elementary school showed Kendry a gun he was hiding in his book bag. Kendry recognized that it was a toy gun and advised the student not to bring those types of toys to school because he could get in trouble. The boy told him he didn’t care. Kendry went directly to his school’s Main Office and reported the incident. He observed that although it ended up being a form of a BB gun, it could still hurt others. Kendry provided all of the necessary details in order to insure the safety of all involved. He is a true Do The Right Thing winner.

6. OSIEL DELSOL, second grade, Kinloch Park Elementary, Rapids Water Park Trip Winner:
Osiel is an amazing student who is always eager and ready to learn despite his daily struggles with diabetes. Diabetic from a very early age, his sugar levels must constantly be checked by the school nurse. He understands his condition, is very disciplined in eating the right foods, and never complains. It is admirable to watch him deal with such a difficult condition in such a mature way at such a young age. As adults we are constantly overwhelmed by events that when truly analyzed are nothing compared to what some children have to deal with. His optimistic attitude is a gift greater than any other. He doesn’t see obstacles, just opportunities to overcome and is role model to all his peers. Thank you Osiel for doing the right thing.

7. TAVONIELE HENDERSON, seventh grade, Frank C. Martin K-8:
Tavoniele bravely reported that a student was passing around a petition to other students about killing herself. She even took a picture of it before it was thrown away to show the counselor. It turned out to be a joke made in bad taste, but thankfully Tavoniele saw something and said something which takes real courage. Tavoniele did the right thing.

8. LUIS MOROS, twelfth grade, Hialeah Gardens High:
During his preteen years Luis’s family immigrated to the United States from Venezuela. He began school and made it his goal to learn English. Luis has an exemplary educational record, maintaining a 4.2 GPA and accruing over 750 hours of community service. He is a senior and has been on the Principal’s Honor Roll all four years of high school. He is an active member of the Academy of Law Club, competing at the state level in mock trials. He won 2nd place in state competitions for FPSA in Forensic Investigation. Luis got a perfect score of 5 in the AP Spanish Literature examination and is the treasurer of the Spanish Club and of the Hispanic Honor Society. Luis is also a Police Explorer and serves as an officer. In addition to academics, Luis focuses on community service and giving back. He volunteers at the Institute of Contemporary Art, he’s been a recruiter for his school’s blood drive, and volunteers to feed the homeless during the holidays. Luis is the president and founder of Immigrants Building the Future, a nonprofit that he has dedicated over 200 hours of his community service hours to. He created flyers and makes announcements at his school requesting donations for school supplies to send to Venezuela and has collected over $3,000 worth of school supplies. Moreover, Luis tutors students in ESOL classes and helps them learn English along with the requirements for graduation and attending college. His outstanding service has earned him a Silver Knight nomination.
Luis does an amazing job at school and is extremely involved while also holding a part time job at McDonald’s. At his job, Luis is already a team leader and has the responsibility of helping train new employees and guide them in product knowledge and job duties. He maintains his job to help his family pay bills and survive economically in their new country.
Luis wants to be a lawyer and primarily serve the immigrant community. He is doing the right thing to accomplish that goal and he is making a difference in the lives of so many students in the community.

9. JOHN SARDINAS, tenth grade, Jan Mann Educational Center:
John arrived at his school a very uncooperative and disruptive student, yelling across the classroom and failing to attempt his assignments. After several weeks and referrals, John’s attitude and behavior still had not improved. Then one day a terrible incident occurred when a student, who was normally very cooperative and always on task arrived at class inebriated and unable to maintain his bearing. Wobbly and uttering gibberish, the student began to fall; John, sprang into action and ran to get school security and the school administrators. His quick thinking and alertness helped school personnel to gain control of a very unnerving and dangerous situation. John’s actions that day changed the course of his behavior and his attitude. Since then, he reports to class every day, completes his assignments, and he has even joined the Broadcast Team, reporting every day to deliver the morning announcements. He even warns other students about the dangers of vaping and using drugs. For his turnaround behavior, John deserves to be recognized by Do The Right Thing.

10. SARITA VARGAS, twelfth grade, School for Advanced Studies North Campus, Washington, D.C. Trip Winner:
Sarita started a support group for low income Hispanic girls before she even started high school, and 5 years later, that project is ongoing. Sarita wanted to serve as a mentor to the daughters of struggling families who attend her church and that is what inspired her to start this group called “Girl Up.” Sarita became aware of several young girls whose parents were divorcing or experiencing hard financial times and had immigrated from other countries and so she thought it would be good to provide a place for them to talk and be comforted. Sarita’s family is from South America, so she was motivated to help recent Venezuelan refugees who were having trouble adjusting to life in the United States. She quite naturally identified with these young girls and has made a tremendous difference in their lives during the course of the 5 years that “Girl Up” has been meeting regularly. The participants in the group have changed over the years but what has remained constant is Sarita’s commitment to lending a helping hand in a meaningful way. Sarita also has volunteered 75 hours in the intensive care unit at Jackson Hospital. She also serves as a translator at her church and coordinates children’s care every Sunday there. Sarita is the President of the Student Government Association at her school, and is District President of the SGA for all of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Sarita demonstrates true leadership and is an excellent example of a Do The Right Thing Winner.