February 2020


1.  VALERIE ACOSTA, Kindergarten, Henry M. Flagler Elementary:

Valerie did a selfless act during the month of February. She asked her mother to take her to cut her hair because she wanted to donate it to kids that had cancer. Valerie came up with this idea on her own and followed through by donating her hair to the organization Children with Hair Loss. Valerie is a sweet and kind girl and is always thinking of others. In addition, she is a fabulous student. Valerie follows directions, is responsible, and always tries her best in class. Valerie truly does the right thing.

2.  SAMANTHA AGUILA, eleventh grade, Hialeah Gardens Senior High:

Sammy, as she is called, is gracious and generous and is always thinking of ways to help others along with working hard academically. Sammy is also a member of the Future Educators of America, Future Farmers of America, and of the Culinary team. She will graduate next year with a certification for Preschool Education, Veterinary Assisting, and Food Safety. She maintains a 5.3 GPA, takes AICE and AP courses and is also taking dual enrollment classes with FIU. She is the president for FEA and has represented all her clubs at the state and national levels in competitions. Samantha is helping to raise a goat which she will be showing at next year’s Florida State Fair in Tampa and in this year’s Miami-Dade County Youth Fair. She has completed a summer internship for her Veterinary Assisting program and has over 500 hours with a Veterinary clinic and in her community service. Sammy is also part of the volleyball and flag football teams of which she has been in since middle school. Sammy, along with her friends Isis, and Gaby are part of the Lady Gladiator Flag Football Team. Sammy and Isis found out that Gaby was unable to purchase her graduation ring and would not be able to attend the Junior Ring Ceremony where all Juniors are presented with their class rings. Sammy and Isis wanted Gaby to participate in this rite of passage and with the help of their teacher, they were able to get a ring donated for Gaby. Moreover, they wanted to keep this as a surprise for Gaby and have been working very hard on ways to get her to the ceremony without her knowing what is really going on. Sammy and Isis are giving their good friend Gaby a memory that she will cherish for her lifetime. Sammy’s and Isis’ kind and compassionate act make them great candidates for the Do The Right Thing award.

3.  FRANK DE LA TERGA, eighth grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle:

Frank excels academically and is involved in many extracurricular activities including leadership roles as president of Future Business Leaders of America and the National Junior Honor Society. He has created numerous apps for his school including a navigation app which leads new students throughout the school and an app which helps keep track of students participating in events. Frank still finds the time to help others starting with his younger siblings whom he tutors and provides assistance as needed. He volunteers at his church as an usher and in the daycare center. Frank has participated in the St. Jude walk every year in order to raise funds. Frank also serves as a tour guide at his school for incoming 6th graders, parents, and administrators from across the US who have visited his school to review its Gold STEAM designation. His caring demeanor for others also shines through at school as he provides his friends and classmates with support and advice when needed. Frank has also reported classmates for vaping out of concern for the harm it does to their health and future. He is even thinking of creating an app on the dangers of vaping to share with his peers. Most recently Frank found $30.00 on school grounds and turned it in to the office. His future goals are to be accepted to Yale University where he would like to major in Business Administration and start his own business. Frank exemplifies the qualities of a Do The Right Thing winner.

4.  JERRY ESTEVEZ, fourth grade, Ada Merritt K-8, Rapids Water Park Trip Winner:

Jerry did the right thing and helped a first grade student who fell down in the cafeteria. He rushed to her side, helped her up, and proceeded to get his cold water bottle to assist with the swelling where she was bruised. Jerry stayed by her side until help arrived and the student was taken to the office for first aid. Jerry demonstrated compassion and empathy for the student and for that he is being honored for doing the right thing.

5.  ANTHONY GONZALEZ, seventh grade, Brucie Ball Educational Center:

Anthony has spent the last two years as part of the hospital homebound program. He has been undergoing a rigorous treatment plan of chemotherapy and radiation after being diagnosed with leukemia. Despite the physically draining side effects, Anthony has made every effort to attend and participate in class with his teacher. He has a great attitude, works independently, and has been able to successfully pass his classes and standardized tests. He is a great example of a student remaining dedicated to his education despite being out of the usual classroom environment and enduring difficult circumstances. Anthony is a standout Do The Right Thing honoree.

6.  MARCOS LOPEZ, sixth grade, Henry Filer Middle:

Marcos arrives early to school every morning and reports to the PE field to play with his friends. One day he noticed a suspicious young lady who was by herself in a corner by the locker room entrance. Marcos noticed the young lady leave running and saw a small fire had been created. Marcos ran across the field as other students threw water on the fire and left running. Marcos took a picture of the burned papers and gave a detailed description which lead Administration to finding the young lady who still had the lighter in her possession. Immediate interventions were put in place and something that could have turned into a school evacuation was averted. Because Marcos saw something and said something, he deserves to be honored by Do The Right Thing.

7.  ISIS MARTINEZ, eleventh grade, Hialeah Gardens Senior High:

Dependable and hardworking define Isis. She is in the Education Academy, Veterinary Assisting Academy, and in the Firefighter Explorer Program. Isis maintains a 4.6 GPA and is enrolled in her school’s Dual Enrollment and AP Cambridge courses. She has completed her Veterinary Assisting clinic hours of 500 hours and 300 community service hours. She knows that her hard work and dedication will help her have an easier life and she wants to help her parents and siblings. Isis helps other students learn how to prepare for competitions showing animals and she is raising her own goat that she will be showing at this year’s Miami-Dade County Youth Fair. Isis is one of 7 children and faces challenges daily in her home life.  Fortunately, Isis has great friends in Samantha and Gaby. They allowed Isis to stay in their homes and helped her maintain a positive outlook and keep her faith in others. Isis, Samantha, and Gaby have been great friends since middle school and are on the Lady Gladiator Flag Football Team. Isis and Samantha surprised Gaby with a class ring they were able to get donated when Gaby could not afford to purchase the ring on her own.  Isis is amazing and shows great character by thinking of others and helping them even as she faces struggles of her own. Doing the right thing is in her nature and she is making a positive difference to so many people.

8.  MARGOT MEIMOUN, sixth grade, Norman S. Edelcup/Sunny Isles Beach K-8:

Margot is a student who shows dedication to her schoolwork and concern for her peers. Most recently, she was sitting in class when she noticed a student acting strange. She watched him as he pulled out what looked like a knife from his book bag. The student had it under the table, looked at it and then placed it back in his book bag. Immediately, Margot asked her teacher to go to the office where she let the counselor and school resource officer know. Margot followed the instructions of the “If you see something, say something” campaign. She understood the potential danger and did the right thing in informing someone right away. She was also able to do it discretely as to not bring attention to herself or to escalate the situation. Margot stood up and did the right thing.

9.  ENZO A. NUCCI, sixth grade, Ponce De Leon Middle:

Enzo is being honored for his response when he learned that one of his classmates lost her mother unexpectedly this past January. After hearing the terrible news, Enzo took it upon himself to prepare a card for her where his classmates, teachers, and the counselor could write words of support for the girl. In addition, he asked his mother to bring him to the viewing at the funeral and spread the word to his classmates about the importance of being there for her. Classmates came to support the girl at the viewing thanks to Enzo. He presented her with the card in hopes that it would provide some consolation. Caring, compassion, kindness, empathy, and real friendship are values that are fading in our society, but with his actions, Enzo demonstrated that there is hope and that these values can be found in the hearts of students like him. Because of his compassion and support for a grieving classmate, he deserves to be recognized by the Do The Right Thing Program.

10.  EMILY RODGERS, eleventh grade, Miami Beach Senior High, Washington, D.C. Trip Winner:

Recently during lunchtime, Emily noticed a crowd gathered around another student on the ground who was having a seizure. She observed that everyone was just standing there staring at the student, but she recognized the seriousness of the seizure. Emily ran over, got on the ground with her, and turned her on her side. When she noticed that the girl was choking on her saliva, she put her finger in her mouth in order to clear her airway. She remained with her until the paramedics came. Due to Emily’s intervention and quick reaction, a life was saved.