December 2018


1. ANGELINA ADAO, seventh grade; & 2. JULIANA SAQUIL, seventh grade, Frank C. Martin K-8:

Angelina and Juliana are being nominated due to their caring nature. Recently, the school and student body experienced the tragic death of a fellow student. Angelina and Juliana went to see the counselor because they were worried about another friend who they both said was sad and crying. They knew that student had a history of suicidal ideations and went to the counselor because they did not want their friend to spiral. The counselor was proud that both girls spoke up and said something to help another fellow student. See something, say something has never been more true!

3.  TY’AREA HARRIS, fifth grade, Nathan B. Young Elementary:

Students were notified of a theft in their well-stocked school store, The Eagle’s Nest, and were asked to be on the lookout for the missing items. Ty’Area became aware of who had taken the items and reported it while returning the items the next day. She could have covered the incident up as it involved someone she has a close relationship to but Ty’Area chose to do the right thing. She took it one step further speaking directly to the person who had taken the items from the school store without permission, explaining why the behavior was wrong.

4.  JADEN HEYDE, third grade, Dr. Edward L. Whigham Elementary, Rapids Water Park Trip Winner:

Jaden is a true hero. On November 29, another girl from her afterschool care group said she brought a knife to school. When Jaden reported this to the proper authorities, a knife was found. Due to Jaden’s quick and decisive action, she did the right thing and prevented someone from possibly getting hurt.

5.  ALEXIS MOCK, eighth grade, Devon Aire K-8:

Alexis deserves to be recognized for displaying the values of honesty and integrity. Alexis found an I-phone with a $100 gift card slipped into the card holder attached to the phone. Alexis could have taken the gift card and left the phone for someone else to find and turn in. Instead, he did the right thing by turning everything in.

6.  YOSTIN MORANTE, fourth grade, Frederick Douglass Elementary:

Yostin is an Honor Roll student with good attendance. He follows directions and is a model student in his fourth grade classes. Yostin is being nominated for doing the right thing when a fellow student said something to Yostin that he could not keep to himself. The student told Yostin in confidence that he would kill himself if one of their teachers reported to work on Monday. He then said that the student took his jacket and wrapped it around his neck and pretended to choke himself. Yostin reported the incident to his teacher and his teacher brought him to the office where he repeated everything that happened to the counselor and the principal. Yostin then ended his statement saying he was scared and didn’t want the student to hurt himself. The incident was reported to the correct officials and help was given to the student, thanks to Yostin’s courageous act.

7.  JOSEPH OSORIO-ROCHA, sixth grade, Citrus Grove Middle, Washington, D.C. Trip Winner:

During the morning announcements, students are reminded that if they “See Something, Say Something.” Joseph did just that. Through Instagram, Joseph became aware of another student being a possible threat to himself and to others. As this happened over the weekend, Joseph sent a message through his school’s website to report incident. Upon arriving to school Monday, he followed up by immediately coming to the office and reporting the incident, providing as much information as possible to assist in investigating the situation. Later in the day, he returned to the office to ask if everything was ok and if there was anything else he could do. Joseph took a leadership role in insuring his safety and that of everyone in school. The administration was able to intervene therefore avoiding another student being hurt. Joseph is an active student and is part of the Student Council. He is greatly concerned for his fellow students and it is now apparent that others can come to him for support and assistance.

8.  AKEEM RODRIGUEZ, fourth grade; & 9. JAMAL SCOTT, fourth grade, Lenora B. Smith Elementary:

When Akeem and Jamal overheard several girls talking about planning to fight after school, they did not ignore the situation. Instead of staying out of it or encouraging it, they informed their teacher as soon they got into class. The girls involved were able to be pulled and spoken to and contact was made with their parents. The fight was avoided and there was no disruption to the learning environment.

10.  ANTONIO SOLOMON, third grade, Colonial Drive Elementary:

By “doing the right things,” Antonio has overcome bullying and having low self-esteem. Due to a skin condition, albinism, Antonio experienced a tremendous amount of bullying at his previous school. Antonio was named called and picked on to the point he would leave school early to escape the cruelty of other children. The bullying from his classmates was on a daily basis resulting in Antonio not feeling comfortable in the skin he’s in. Until recently, Antonio spoke out and did not cooperate in his classroom. However, Antonio decided to try to put his past behind him and is now more confident and open to receiving new friends. Antonio’s academic average has climbed steadily as well as his behavior. Antonio also has issues with his eyesight but he is determined to work out a system where he does not have to get out of his seat to see the front board. At home, Antonio was instrumental in assisting his mom when she broke her toe. Antonio took on added responsibilities with his baby sister and younger brother so they would not “cause extra problems.” Additionally, Antonio “does the right thing” for his grandfather who is unable to reach his feet because he is overweight. Antonio makes sure to help him put on his socks and shoes as well as helps around his house by washing dishes and their family’s car. Antonio is very respectful to others both in and out of school by opening doors for elders and his classmates. Antonio is to be commended for his self-determination to turn around his attitude towards others and display positive effort to always “do the right thing.”