December 2019


1. AMARIYA BUTLER, Pre-K, Irving & Beatrice Peskoe K-8, Rapids Water Park Trip Winner:
Amariya did something spectacular for one of her classmates. She noticed that a peer did not wear any uniforms, nor did she have a book bag. The student typically came to school empty handed. Amariya told her mom that she needed to clean out her closet as soon as possible. When her mom asked her why, she stated she wanted to give her classmate some of her clothes, and a book bag she didn’t use recognizing that the girl was truly in need. It is amazing that a 3 year-old, about to turn 4, has such a beautiful heart and is already making good choices. She is certain to continue to help others and to be an example of kindness.

2. KEVIN REYLAN DIAZ, fifth grade, Southside Preparatory Academy Museums Magnet School:
There is a need in our schools for students to understand the difference between tattling and reporting. Incidents that are dangerous or possibly harmful should be reported in order to keep everyone safe. That is exactly what Kevin did when one of his classmates brought a vape to school. That classmate not only tried it, but also showed it to a group of students standing in the hall who passed it around. Only Kevin had the common sense to report to the teacher what he saw. Thanks to his actions, measures were taken by the school principal who interviewed the students involved, called their parents, applied consequences, and asked the school counselor to educate all the fifth graders on the importance of speaking up. Kevin remembered the message “If You See or Know Something, Say Something” and didn’t care about what others would think of him. Kevin deserves to be recognized for doing the right thing.

3. MATEUS MARCELO, eleventh grade, Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High:
Mateus was at PE with his classmates when he observed a stranger, who did not appear to be a student, jump the fence and walk across the field. Mateus was worried and when he went to his classroom immediately afterwards, he expressed concern not knowing where the person had gone. Mateus was sent to security where they checked the cameras and saw that the stranger had crossed to the next street and was no longer on campus. In this climate of too many school shootings, Mateus deserves to be rewarded for doing the right thing.

4. STEVEN MOORE, third grade, Colonial Drive Elementary:
Steven has had to endure many hardships in his young life including losing his mother and two grandmothers. He also had to live in extreme pain because he did not have dental insurance after his mother passed away. Each day Steven was either in physical or mental anguish and would leave school in the middle of the day. Weeks later, his father was able to get insurance and Steven had his teeth pulled. Steven has not only had to readjust to home life, but also a new school. All of his teachers praise him for his outstanding efforts, kindness to others and most importantly displaying quality characteristics of a student who wants to achieve. His grades have risen steadily in spite of adversity. Steven has also shown courage when he told his teacher of a student who was verbally bullying and threatening him and the student received the counseling he needed. Additionally, Steven helped comfort a fellow classmate whose pet had died. Steven’s peers are aware of his losses and his entire class respects him for overcoming hardship, telling the truth, showing compassion, and always doing the right thing.

5. DANIELA MORALES, twelfth grade, Hialeah Gardens High School, Washington, D.C. Trip Winner:
Daniela is a young lady that excels academically while dedicating countless hours to her school’s award winning dance team. She is in the Medical Academy and is certified in EKG and as a phlebotomist, usually only obtained while in college. Daniela hosts workshops for the school community to learn lifesaving skills such as first aid and CPR and has an internship at a medial office. During summer time she works with elementary aged students in dance studios to help them learn different styles of dance. Recently, Daniela had a life changing experience occur in front of her. While out with her family, she noticed a young lady collapse to the floor. Her training and instincts came into play. Daniela saw immediately that she was sweaty and pale, her heart rate was low, and she was about to lose consciousness. Daniela sprang into action raising the woman’s legs to help her blood flow and helped her stay calm. Rescue arrived several minutes later and the paramedics thanked her for saving the woman’s life. One never really knows how they will respond in an emergency no matter how well trained. Daniela did the right thing in a stressful situation and is a true hero.

6. SOFIA MORENO, eighth grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle:
Sofia is a stellar student who has been in the Agriscience Academy for the past three years. She is also the president of Future Farmers of America where she volunteers at her school’s farm cleaning the pens, feeding the animals, and ordering their food and other supplies. Sofia has won awards at Future Farmers of America competitions including one where she showcased her school’s Mini-Zebu cow. In preparation, Sofia had to train her Zebu for over three months by building trust and forming a bond to walk correctly, stop on command etc. Sofia is involved in many other extracurricular activities all while maintaining Principals Honor Roll since elementary school. As the oldest of seven siblings, Sofia is a wonderful role model always willing to put others needs before hers. She is smart and dependable and would like to be a Livestock Veterinarian as she loves spending time with animals and caring for them. Her other choice is to be an Agriscience teacher in order to share her passion for animals while working with children.

7. NATALIE PROSS, first grade, Redland Elementary:
Natalie has proven again and again that she is a student of good character. Recently, she saved her entire family when she reported to her mother that she saw smoke. Natalie’s quick thinking and alertness helped in preventing a house fire and her family including her grandmother were spared. Her actions speak volumes of her ability to make good decisions. In class Natalie is polite, shows kindness to her classmates, and is very respectful.

8. STEPHON YOUNG ROLLE, twelfth grade, William H. Turner Tech:
Stephon is a talented young filmmaker at his high school. Over the summer, he scripted, edited, and filmed a paralyzed student named Kenneth while volunteering at Shake a Leg Miami, a summer camp for the disabled. Stephon was introduced to Kenneth and they built a strong relationship. Kenneth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age but it hasn’t stopped him from being himself. The goal of the documentary was to capture how Kenneth did not let his disability disable him from pursuing what he loves to do. Working with Kenneth was a humbling experience for Stephon as it was his first time making a documentary with a special individual like Kenneth. Kenneth taught Stephon what it takes to be independent and not make excuses when trying to reach one’s goals. Stephon was honored to work at Shake a Leg Miami and work on such an inspiring project with Kenneth. Stephon is a true Do The Right Thing winner.

9. ROCIO ROMERO, twelfth grade, Hialeah Gardens High School:
Rocio is a student of few words and lots of action. She is an excellent student in the Veterinary Assisting Academy. Rocio has an internship at a vet clinic and volunteers at the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter as well as at a family-owned farm in Homestead on weekends to help maintain and vaccinate goats. The farm owner is an elderly woman who cannot handle the demands of the farm. Rocio has helped organize numerous community events including a collection for hurricane relief victims in the Bahamas and a Thanksgiving Food Collection for the homeless in Miami. Rocio, along with her mother, even go some nights to the dark streets of Miami and takes food to the homeless. Recently at a staff luncheon, Rocio helped to serve food to the staff and teachers and stayed to clean up. There was quite a bit of food left over and Rocio asked if she could take it for her homeless friends. She and her mom packed up and delivered the food that night. Rocio does the right thing out of the kindness of her heart and her genuine need to help others. She is compassionate, respectful, and thoughtful and deserving of this nomination.

10. SARAH SANTOS, fourth grade, Air Base K-8:
Sarah has distinguished herself as an outstanding role-model. One afternoon, she entered the restroom and noticed a younger student being bullied by two older students. Sarah immediately ran to help and protect the student from the bullies. She walked the student back to class, comforted her, and reported what had happened to her teacher. After she was commended for her actions, Sarah volunteered to visit other classrooms to tell about what had happened and encourage other students to stand up for their classmates. Sarah is a very giving young lady sharing school supplies, comforting those not feeling well, and encouraging everyone to do their best. Sarah also contributes in her community. During United Way and PTSA fundraisers she is the first to donate. When a member of her church became ill with cancer, Sarah organized other kids to write get well cards and letters and helped deliver them. Sarah is an inspiration to everyone and deserving of the Do The Right Thing Award.