October 2020 Reminders & Updates

Dear DTRT Coordinators,

I hope you have all been staying healthy and safe during the transition back to in-person schooling. Please see below for a few reminders and updates for this month:

DTRT 2020-2021 Calendar/Poster
You should have already received the first round of our new calendar poster for the 2020-2021 school year which was sent to the attention of the “Principal/DTRT Coordinator”. I am working on sending out the second round of posters which will be directly addressed to you as DTRT Coordinator. Make sure to keep an eye out for our poster as we will be bringing back our yearly poster contest once the second round is sent. Details to follow.

September 2020 Nominations
The September nominations are currently being processed and should be going out within the next few weeks. Please keep in mind that the program is currently short staffed so there will be a delay. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

October 2020 Nominations
The deadline to submit nominations for October is Tuesday 10/20.

A special note on Top 10 nominations: September had a few nominations that could have been chosen as Top 10 Winners but were too short and lacked detail. To ensure your student has the best chance at possibly being chosen as a winner please make sure to be as detailed as possible about what they have overcome, their circumstances, their achievements, etc. The more detailed a nomination is concerning what the student has done/overcome, the higher chances your student will be chosen as a winner! Please refer to our Tips on Writing a Nomination-Schools for further information on what our selection committee is looking for when choosing the winners.

In addition, please keep in mind the following when nominating:

-All nominations must be AT LEAST 4 sentences.
-Each school is allowed up to 15 nominations per month.
-Please double check the name of the students when completing the form.
-Each student must have their own unique nomination unless it is a specific action done by a group.
-Youth Large is our smallest t-shirt size, the rest are adult sizes. Youth Large is appropriate for most younger elementary students.
-Students can only be nominated once per year.
-If you are not sure that a nomination was submitted or experience any problems with the system, please call our office 305-603-6957.

Please feel free to contact me by email aespinosa@dotherightthinginc.org or by calling 305-603-6957 if you have any questions.


Ariadna Espinosa
Executive Director