March Reminders & Updates

Please see below for a few reminders and updates for this month:

February Nominations
The February nominations were sent to school mail Friday 3/13. If operations within the school system and otherwise continue as normal, please expect them to get to you within the next few weeks.

March Nomination Deadline-FRIDAY 3/20
We are often asked about what it takes for a nomination to reach Top 10 status. Every month of the school year we receive on average about 800 students nominated from all over Miami-Dade county. Out of those 800 nominations the 10 best nominations are selected by a special committee and those students chosen get invited to a special ceremony at the Miami Police Department and are awarded a special plaque and other prizes. Below are a few tips on what to include when writing a nomination in order to increase your chances of being chosen as a Top 10 Winner:

-Academic success or improvement in study habits
-Outstanding conduct or behavior
-Community service or helping neighbors
-Organizations the child belongs to and what they do
-Home conduct and help with family chores
-Participation in special events/activities
-Do they work? Where and how many hours?
-Personal problems overcome or adjusted to
-Feats of bravery or heroic acts performed
-Sports or hobbies involved in
-Turn around success stories
-Musical or artistic talents
-Physical or mental limitations overcome
-Examples of honesty and good citizenship

As always, please keep in mind the following when nominating:

-All nominations must be AT LEAST 4 sentences.
-Each school is allowed up to 15 nominations per month.
-Please double check the name of the students when completing the form.
-Each student must have their own unique nomination unless it is a specific action done by a group.
-Youth Large is our smallest t-shirt size, the rest are adult sizes. Youth Large is appropriate for most younger elementary students.
-Students can only be nominated once per year.
-If you are not sure that a nomination was submitted or experience any problems with the system, please call our office 305-603-6957.