February Reminders & Updates

Please see below for a few reminders this month:

Valentine’s Day Giveaway
In honor of Valentine’s Day we will be having a special giveaway on 2/14! The giveaway instructions will be announced via Twitter on 2/14 at noon. Please make sure to follow us on Twitter @DTRTMiami. We will be giving away two $25 gift cards to local restaurants.

January Nominations
The January nominations are currently being processed and should be going out by next week. I will email the date they get sent to school mail and when to expect them.

February Nomination Deadline
The deadline to submit nominations for February is Wednesday 2/20. Please remind your teachers the following:

-All nominations must be AT LEAST 4 sentences.
-Each school is allowed up to 15 nominations per month.
-Please double check the name of the students when completing the form.
-Each student must have their own unique nomination unless it is a specific action done by a group.
-Youth Large is our smallest t-shirt size; the rest are adult sizes. Youth Large is appropriate for most younger elementary students.
-Students can only be nominated once per year.
-If you are not sure that a nomination was submitted or experience any problems with the system, please call our office 305-603-6957.