February Reminders & Updates

Please see below for a few reminders for this month:

February Nomination Deadline
The deadline to submit nominations for February is Tuesday 2/20. Please keep in mind that nominations are required to be at least 4 sentences and each student must have their own unique nomination. Each school is allowed up to 15 nominations each month.

January Nominations
The January nominations were sent to school mail on Tuesday, 2/13. Please expect them to get to you in, at most, two weeks from this date. As a reminder, we are grateful for your patience in the process taking a full month to complete as we are only a small staff of two for about 800 monthly nominations, among other projects, and we also have to rely on school mail for deliveries as well. Thank you!

As a reminder, if you want to know what we look for in a Top 10 nomination, please click on the Awards Program/Top 10 Winners tab to read about all our monthly winners so far this year.

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