End of the School Year Reminders

Good morning,

Please see below for some reminders as we approach the end of the school year:


April Nominations
The April nominations were sent out Thursday 5/16. Please expect them to begin getting to you by the following week. Please note: Unfortunately we ran out of some of the smaller sizes (Youth Large and Small) so some shirt sizes may have been changed.

May Nominations
The May nominations were sent out Wednesday, 5/29 and should be getting to you before the last day of school.

DTRT Coordinator Survey
Big thanks to everyone that made it to our Third Annual DTRT Coordinator Appreciation Luncheon! It was truly great seeing you all. For those that did not attend, please keep a lookout for the DTRT Coordinator Survey which will be emailed to all DTRT Coordinators soon. This survey is very important to us as we use the results to evaluate our impact and apply for grants to help fund the continuation of the program.
Officer Do Right Schools: You will be receiving a separate survey specific to the initiative.

2019-2020 DTRT Coordinator Registration
We thank you all for working with us this school year and for bringing our program to your schools! If you wish to continue the program next school year please keep in mind that you must submit a new DTRT Coordinator Registration at the beginning of every school year. A reminder to register will be sent at the start of next school year.

Thank you for your support and we hope to work with you once again next year!