December Reminders & Updates

Please see below for a few reminders for this month:

November Nominations
The November nominations were sent to school mail Thursday, 12/7. Please expect them to get to you in at least two weeks from this date. Please keep in mind that while we do our best to expedite the nomination process, it is up to school mail to determine when they will be delivered. We ask that you please be patient as they tend to experience delays in their deliveries sometimes and that is out of our control.

December Nomination Deadline
The deadline to submit nominations for December is Wednesday 12/20. Please make sure your teachers are aware that all nominations must be at least 4 sentences or they will be declined. Each student must have their own unique nomination unless it is a specific action done by a group. Schools are limited to 15 nominations each month.

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We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!