April 2019


1.  MELANIE ALTET, fourth grade, & 2.  TIFFANY WILTZ, fourth grade, Pinecrest Academy South Charter:

Melanie is a wonderful student. She is quiet yet sociable, sweet and caring. During Spring Break while face timing with her friend Tiffany and another friend, the other friend said she wanted to kill herself. Melanie and Tiffany tried to change her mind but the other student continued expressing sadness and the desire to die. This young lady told them not to tell anyone. Melanie and Tiffany became very worried because she had mentioned this before. To compound matters, they were out of school due to Spring Break and were not going to see her for a few more days. Melanie went ahead and told her mom and asked if there was anything that could be done to help her friend. Her mom and Tiffany’s mom talked. They decided to immediately call the teacher and tell her what had happened so that the teacher could get in contact with this troubled child’s mom and make her aware of the situation. Melanie did the right thing by telling and seeking help. She has shown a good heart and desire to help others.

3.  JUSTIN BRISTOL, fifth grade, Southside Elementary:

Justin did the right thing when two students (his best friend and a former friend) started fighting in the cafeteria. He took a stand and went in the middle to pull them apart trying to end the fight. Even though his action was misunderstood by some students who claimed he was fighting too, after the counselor spoke to Justin and the two students involved in the fight, they corroborated that Justin was telling the truth and he indeed tried to separate them. When one of the assistant principals found out what really happened, he called Justin a hero for this intervention. Justin’s action showed courage, responsibility, and kindness because he tried to prevent somebody from getting really hurt. Instead of cheering or recording the scene like many students would, he actually chose to do the right thing and pulled the students apart knowing he could have gotten hurt too. Justin deserves to be recognized by the Do The Right Thing Program.

4.  STEPHANIE FARAH, fifth grade, Silver Bluff Elementary:

Stephanie found a diamond ring in the classroom. Immediately she came and showed her teacher. After asking if it belonged to anyone in her classroom, Stephanie went to another classroom to inquire. The rightful owner was found and reunited with her valuable ring. Stephanie is presently in the Gifted Program and is on the Safety Patrol. She is a high achiever and earned the Principal’s Honor Roll for getting A1As in all subject areas.

5.  KATHERINE GONZALEZ, seventh grade, Howard D. McMillan Middle:

Katherine witnessed a sixth grade student in a dangerous situation and immediately intervened to make sure that she was safe. She later told her teacher and a counselor in order to follow up and ensure that the student received the help that she needed. Katherine demonstrates the qualities of a responsible student and a very good friend. Her school is very proud of Katherine.

6.  KENYA HOSFORD, eleventh grade, Brucie Ball Educational Center:

Approximately two years ago, Kenya, who is from the Virgin Islands, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a type of cancer that forms in bone or soft tissue. Kenya has been receiving chemotherapy at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Despite leaving her country, some of her family members, and starting a life here, Kenya is fighting hard. She continues to strive in her academics and is currently taking classes through a tele-class program which is all day for many hours at a time. There are many days where Kenya has lost her voice and can barely speak due to her medical treatment, but continues to be in the top five percent of her class. She has received all A’s this past nine weeks. She works extremely hard even with limited resources. She will go as far as to sit in a library all day to use the internet and get her work done. She has volunteered her time in the library to help with anything the librarian may need help with. Kenya has also donated unused medical supplies that can be used for other patients at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. She continues to be optimist about her future. For all of these reasons, Kenya is to be admired for her strength and willingness to continue to move forward despite all the obstacles she faces on a daily basis.

7.  JERMAIN KELSON, third grade, Colonial Drive Elementary, Rapids Water Park Trip Winner:

Jermain is always doing good deeds. His principal happened to be in the cafeteria and while walking past Jermain, caught Jermain doing the right thing by offering his jacket to a cold classmate. The principal recognized Jermain on the announcements. Jermain also did the right thing when he found a watch on the P.E. field and turned it in to the Main Office. Jermain’s teacher is proud and grateful for his quick response when a classmate slumped over at his desk as if in a deep sleep. Jermain was able to hold his head upright as the teacher called for assistance. Jermain then helped the student walk gingerly to the clinic. Though Jermain’s behavior had its ups and downs, he has really moved from the negative to the positive. Jermain has even volunteered a negative conduct check for himself when another student would not come forward to admit guilt. Jermain captains his youth football team where he goes the extra mile to help his teammates when they are struggling to understand what the coaches are trying to teach. Jermain is also helpful in the classroom assisting others with his knowledge of mathematics. Jermain’s kind heart is evident at home. He helps his two and three-year old brothers get dressed each morning. He has sacrificed his own toys to his little brothers which would end up getting broken. Jermain donates his clothes and shoes to a church outreach called “People in Need.” His good deeds continued with his next door neighbor who recently passed away. Knowing she was ill, Jermain helped her with her grocery bags as she struggled with her portable oxygen machine. Jermain took it upon himself, without being asked, and would continually wait and assist his neighbor with the packages and walking her inside her house. Jermain even took it a step further by suggesting to his mom to have his neighbor eat with them and Jermain helped in preparing the meals. Through consistent efforts at school, Jermain will continue to be a beacon for his classmates, school, neighborhood, and community.

8.  CAMILA MATUTE, sixth grade, Academy for International Education Charter:

During class dismissal when the teacher stepped out of the classroom, two students took merchandise that was for sale in their classroom without paying for it. Camila witnessed the incident and promptly informed her teacher. There were other students present who did not speak up. Camila did the right thing because “integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is watching.” Camila is an upstanding student who is being recognized for her bravery and good citizenship.

9.  ZARIYA MOORE, Pre-K, Earlington Heights Elementary:

Zariya does the right thing and is an honest and hard-working student. At the beginning of the school year, she had a difficult time transitioning because she recently lost her mom, moved from out of state, and was homeless. Finally, Zariya has adjusted and prides herself in always telling the truth even when she is at fault. She works well with others and has even emerged as a class leader. Her growth is commendable and she is a role model for her peers.

10.  JOSHUA RODRIGUEZ, twelfth grade, Mater Academy Charter Middle/High, Washington, D.C. Trip Winner:

Using his talent and enthusiasm for hair cutting, Joshua decided to spend his own money and use his talent to help those less fortunate than himself. He set up a hair cutting station in Overtown to give free haircuts to those living on the street. With the help of a friend, he also purchased food, toiletries, and other essentials to give to the people he encountered. Joshua is using his love for cutting hair to make a different and share his talent with the world!