September Nominations Dropped Off 10/18

We want to thank you all for such great participation for the first month of the school year! We had about 850 students nominated for doing the right thing all across Miami-Dade county! We were truly amazed to hear about the great things your students have already done this school year. We thank you for your effort in promoting nominations at your schools and can’t wait to hear about all your October nominees!

October Nomination Deadline
The deadline to submit nominations for October is Thursday 10/20! Each nomination must be at least 4 sentences.

September Nominations
The September nominations were dropped off at school mail on Tuesday, 10/18. Please expect them to get to you in about a week or more from this date as we rely on school mail to do the deliveries.

Please note: Unfortunately due to a miscalculation, we ran out of some of the white shirt sizes for the first month. Please be aware some of the sizes might differ when you receive your box. In addition, some sizes also had to be supplemented with our black t-shirts so that we could get them to you as fast as we could. We apologize for the delay and discrepancy in sizes.
If you wish to exchange a shirt at any time please send us back the one received and include a note stating the size you want and your school. Please send the shirt and note via school mail to #9999 and make sure to write Do The Right Thing on the package. Please also send me an email letting me know that you sent the exchange request. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Coordinator T-shirt
If your school submitted at least one nomination for the first month of September, included in your box will be your own DTRT “Keep Calm” T-shirt! Each box includes a printout of your school’s nominations for that month as well as the t-shirt count on the top right corner. Your shirt will be indicated where you see “1c”. Example: YL=4, S=1c, M=3 (your shirt is the small)

We ask that you please bear with us as we do the best we can to ensure each student is recognized. We thank you all for your patience and consideration and for such amazing efforts on your part to push our program at your school!