February Reminders & Updates

Please see below for a few reminders and updates:

We are so excited to announce that we are currently planning a special luncheon for all our hardworking DTRT Coordinators as a small thank you for your participation each year as well as to take the opportunity to exchange ideas on how to improve the program to everyone’s benefit. The luncheon is tentatively scheduled for FRIDAY. MAY 5TH! More details to follow!

January Nominations:
The January nominations were dropped off at school mail on Friday 2/10. Please expect them to get to you in about two weeks from this date.

February Nomination Deadline:
The deadline to submit nominations for February is Monday 2/20. Please make sure your teachers know that all nominations are required to be at least 4 sentences or they will not be accepted. Each school is also allowed to nominate up to 15 students each month.

Our famous “Keep Calm and Do The Right Thing” T-shirts are still on sale to adults only for $10 each. Please contact us to order.

We love seeing your DTRT photos! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Twitter @DTRTMiami and we will repost!